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Sustainability at Book lab

At Book Lab, we consider sustainability in everything we produce. One of the most important steps we have taken is the decision to produce only in Europe. This keeps the lines short and the footprint low. We have built a network of printers who produce in a sustainable way. That implies printing on FSC-certified paper. The ink and varnish used are water-based. The production process is resource-saving and climate-neutral.

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Our production network

Our experienced printers are located in the Netherlands and Europe. This nearby network enables us to cooperate in a flexible and sustainable way and to provide customised solutions and high quality for every job.


we get more durable production

This nearby network makes us flexible

We can perform monitoring at the production site easily

We get short lead delivery times

Lower footprint due to short transport distances

The materials

The materials for the paper products we use are FSC certificated. FSC, which stands for Forest Stewardship Council, is an international organisation that stands for the preservation and maintenance of forests worldwide. By choosing FSC products, you give the forest owner the means to manage the forest sustainably. This also means that forest cannot be converted into areas for palm oil, soya or cattle breeding.


We use paper packaging and bandaging. We hardly ever pack anything in plastic, only when there is no other way to protect it.


Shipping bags and boxes are made of FSC material or compostable plastic. Moreover, we re-use boxes in which the products are delivered to us. 


Our goal is to create products that people want to keep and cherish. Everything high-end, made with great craftsmanship. As a reaction to the throw away society, we hope in this way to contribute our part to a more sustainable society.

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